Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Support Those Who Scour The Earth For Grooved Black Gold - Buy Some Stuff Damn It

Even Santa appreciates our shameless self-promotion via guilt trip that you aren't spending enough with Mom and Pop's this year.

And you can't get much more Mom and Pop than Vinyl Record Talk's Store. Jane and Norm search the country for lost treasures of music history because, simply stated, people buy this stuff from them.

Vinyl Record Talk Show on Radio Dentata is Jane and Norm promoting vinyl, record collecting, and the huge cache of music that has yet to be transfered to digital media. Each week we play several pieces of vinyl history that are not available for commercial download. We cover news topics on collecting, auctioning and internet broadcasting.

And did you know, many of Jane's fans turn off the NFL Network just to hear her voice. So listen to us on Radio Dentata and click and go to our store. Buy stuff. It will atone for many corporate sins.
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