Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vinyl Record Talk Show Will Be Going On Haitus Until Next Year

First, apologies for the last two weeks. Two Tuesdays ago, storms in Tennessee took down power and our feed was lost halfway through the show. Yesterday, Radio Dentata's move to a new server crapped out. The player was not working well in IE, among other problems. Some of our listeners who chat with Jane through Yahoo messenger (feel free to message Jane and say hello at janegeddis), kept going to the Live365 station and not the Radio Dentata website. The Live365 station only has an auto playing music now, and will be gone in a few days. will have the live feed. I'm not sure about Tune In and the other sites that list the feed, but it probably will take some time to update them. For the time being, listen at only. There's a big frickin' link there that says "Play It - TUNE IN HERE". It's up and down now right now being tested and tweaked, but shall stablize and RD will be back to its original programming and great music, with many more live programs coming next year.

So, VRT will be back next year. We'll update here on the continuing saga.
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