Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Doors - Tapes Of Lost Jim Morrison Album Found In Crashed UFO On Lesbian Commune In Topanga Canyon

A representative of the commune was quoted as saying, "It's not really a find.  We always knew they were there.  It's just that if we don't cash in on them soon . . . I mean, people don't know who Ringo Starr is anymore . . . so we may have waited too long . . . should have done this back in '96."

The story goes that one night in the summer of 1972 Jim Morrison was wandering drunk down Topanga Canyon Blvd carrying the tapes.  He saw the explosion of the UFO crashing on the commune property and more or less serpentined his way in that direction.

The commune spokeswomyn went on to say, "The aliens that were left alive all looked like that Don Draper guy, and that wasn't cool so we killed them all.  Jim hadn't gotten there yet, but when he came onto the property . . . we were like, well he's already supposed to be dead, so we can't really kill him again.  The next morning he seemed to remember nothing and wandered off, leaving the tapes behind.

"The UFO had a killer sound system so we listened to the tapes in there and that's just where they got left.  We've been using the UFO engines to power our appliances for four decades now."

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