Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eating Crow and Picking White Albums off the bottom of a tea cup

First of all, I should have been paying attention. And, I often am. Just not the week the #5 White Album sold on eBay for close to $30k. So, here is a note, mostly for myself to include this in the year-end tally on Record Store Day.

I could use the convenient excuse that the seller miscategorized the record in "music memorabilia" and did not list it in "records", but then is there really ever an excuse to miss the 0000005 White Album plucked off of John Lennon's dining table by an unnamed musician. Not if I want to consider myself a professional, and I do, insofar as record collecting can be considered a profession and not the occupation of those of us unable to earn our living at the race tracks or black jack tables.

So, may I in the future read the tea leaves of the internet more accurately in maintaining the Top 5 list.

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