Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not Your Grandfather's War Of The Worlds

So I almost always have to go for the unique and unusual - that's just how I am, ego the size of all outdoors and my shoe size is bigger than yours. I try to be a better person but just can't help myself. One of the things I'm apeshit about is radio, or more accurately the past, which for me is embodied in radio, all kinds, even the static. Books occupy a timescape of their own and movies or television can be so dated as to make one uncomfortable. I like comfort. Our Accidental Nostalgia Radio Show is about music, but the wonderful, courageous and overworked (their eyes bleed daily) people at Radio Dentata are giving us Halloween night to do whatever the hell we want. That said, I go looking for the strange and unusual. And I find this very interesting broadcast of War Of The Worlds from 1971.
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