Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Vinyl Record Talk Tuesday June 7th 8pm ET/ 5pm PT

Our equipment is repaired, rested and ready, it's Norm and Jane who are in trouble.

Jane's lost her voice and is down nursing a fever, so Norm is on his own this week for the first time.

It was very cruel fate this weekend that Jane got sick and Norm will explain why. Plus, there'll be lots of music on vinyl from Dewey Martin, H B Barnum, The Underground, The Police, Heart, Curved Air and much more. And checkout our Facebook show page for a very interesting one off Police picture disc that author Craig Betts of The Police Archive has aquired.

Ringo Starr's birth home is in the news again and Norm will bring you the Top 5. And, how to have sex when the kids are home in this week's poll.

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