Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vinyl Records Top 5 eBay Sales Week Ending 10/01/2011

A godly week this week, save for the #2 spot going to a Northern Soul rarity. The pulled A&M "God Save The Queen" sold for a very high price over $17k - the probable reasons being that, for one, the record was mint, and for another it came with the stock box that at one point held 25 copies of this record.

1. 45 - Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen" / "No Feeling" A&M AMS-7284 - $17,179.47

2. 45 - Ray Agee "Hard Loving Woman" / "I'm Losing Again" Soultown - $5,299.99

3. LP - Led Zeppelin "I" Atlantic UK Turquoise 1st - $3,435.89

4. LP - Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" DJ Mono Pressing - $3,050.00

5. LP - The Beatles "White Album" Parlophone UK Export Pressing - $2,999.99

More on this week's top 5 on Vinyl Record Talk, Tuesday 8:00PM Eastern / 5:00PM Pacific on Radio Dentata.
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