Friday, February 24, 2012

The Top 10 Creepiest Rock n Roll Artifacts Ever Bought And Sold - On Next Tuesday's Vinyl Record Talk 8pm ET / 5pm PT Live On Radio Dentata

Next Tuesdays Vinyl Record Talk will be all about the strangest objects ever traded for money that came out of Rock n Roll. Currently, a mold of Elvis Presley's teeth along with an unused crown is headed for the auction block in the United Kingdom.

We reported extensively on John Lennon's tooth which sold in November, and has come back in the news lately, as the dentist who purchased the tooth is offering photographic prints of the molar, and after some criticism of the original auction house's authentication process, is offering to have the tooth DNA tested.

But turns out this is just the latest weirdness in the world of Rock n Roll artifacts. We'll countdown the weirdest of the weird on next Tuesday's Vinyl Record Talk, broadcast live on Radio Dentata and Blog TV.

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