Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ringo Starr Drum Case Discovered - Later Artifact - Not Body Part - Contents Unknown

Ringo Starr's Drum Case - Dig Gallery
The usual word was used here to explain the appearance of the latest Beatle artifact to turn up in the marketplace - "discovery".  This drum case was "discovered" and now sits in a Sheffield UK gallery waiting for a buyer.  Yes, it took an archaeological team six months of digging in the outskirts of Wembly to uncover this drum case.

Expert analysis determined that the case was used to carry the exceptionally rare tom tom drum from London to New York for a tribal event thought to have been called "The Concert For Bangladesh" (it had a shipper date stamp of 8-5-71).

The drum case is being offered by Dig Gallery.  The price is not disclosed, and as with all Dig memorabilia it is available for viewing by appointment only.

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