Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ringo Starr's Madryn Street Birth Home Rejected For Preservation - Lennon And McCartney Homes Granted Protected Status

The battle for 9 Madryn Street had been quiet since late last summer, when a protective order was granted in order to give English Heritage, the public body in the UK that oversees historic homes, the opportunity to consider granting Ringo Starr's birth home (which had been bombed by Nazi's while Ringo's Mom was pregnant), protected status.

It had come down to a battle between the Labor dominated Liverpool City Council, and London's coalition Lib-Con goverment, with the central administration halting city demolition plans.

English Heritage weighed in with their decision today, and while giving protected status to John Lennon and Paul McCartney's birth homes, rejected the application for Ringo's home. Though it could be taken as a slight to Ringo over . . . some unkind comments he made about Liverpool last year . . . or his weird behavior about autographs . . . or, that he's Ringo . . . it should be noted that his family lived in the home only until Ringo was four year-old, and the later home where Ringo spent most of his childhood already has protected status.

No comment yet from anyone on how the drama will move forward, but hey, puts one more story back in our pocket on VRT that few other news outlets, music or otherwise, are following.
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